Filter Effects

In addition to the many effects that basic DHTML tools offer, you can create sophisticated visual features through a combination of proprietary effects and simple scripts. Although overuse of any dynamic effect can visually overwhelm users and slow the performance of their computers, the limited and precise use of these advanced features can help you highlight the most important aspects of each page and create entertaining presentations. Introduced as proprietary features in Internet Explorer, many dynamic effects are supported by current browsers. Nevertheless, as you implement these effects, it is a good idea to test your presentation in multiple browsers to ensure that you do not lose essential information in unsupported features.

Try this web site for filter effects code:

external image insert_table.gif

Filter Effect Description Filter Effect Description
Alpha Sets a transparency level Grayscale Drops color information form the image
Blur Creates the impression of moving a high speed Invert Reverses the hue, saturation, and brightness values
Chroma Makes a specified color transparent Light Projects light sources onto an object
Drop Shadow Creates an offset solid silhouette Mask Creates a transparent mask from an object
FlipH Creates a horizontal mirror image Shadow Creates a solid silhouette of the object
FlipV Creates a vertical mirror image Wave Creates a sine wave distortion along the x- and y-axes